Jalapeno, Hatch Green Chile, Cheddar Yellow Corn Grits


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FishSki provisions jalapeno, hatch green chile, cheddar, yellow corn grits. We made it spicy! Yellow corn grits, jalapeños, hatch green chile, garlic, and cheddar: dang! To make all you need is boil 3 cups of water with the grits and peppers. In about 6-8 minutes, as the grits thicken, add the cheese and spice mix and stir vigorously. Packed in recyclable, portable and pack able, weather resistant bags. As always 3% of every sale is donated to local conservation or access efforts that improve fishing and/or skiing. 6 oz, 2 servings per bag.

Made in the USA Made in NM • Ingredients: Yellow Corn Grits; Cheddar Cheese; Hatch Green Chile; Garlic; Jalapenos; Salt; Pepper • Product Language: English and Spanish • Shelf life: 24–36 months • Storage: Shelf-stable • Weight: 6.4 oz (181.44 g)  


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